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1998 Ford Ranger Check Engine Light

May 22, 2005
2001 Z06
I know this is a long shot but I have a 98 Ranger (v6 3.0) that was my father in laws(RIP). Being that he was in his 80s, the yearly emissions test was waived. For the longest time, his check engine light was on but when codes were scanned, it indicated no problems. His mechanic tried everything to figure out why it was on all the time, finally my FIL told him to turn the light off any way he could, so the mechanic did so. I know the wire color and the node # on the PCM, if you were a mechanic, where would be the easiest way to disable the CEL (as I am sure this mehanic took the easiest route)? I briefly looked under the dash to see if any wires were hanging/cut, fuses all good and checked the harness and PCM but nothing jumped out at me as being out of the norm. I am trying to get this truck to pass the emissions test but it is an automatic failure if the CEL doesn't come on when the key is turned to ACC(not running). I am not looking forward to tracing this wire, laying under the dashboard and possibly having to pull the instrument panel out. One saving grace is the spaghetti under the dashboard isn't close to being like my C5. Ideas??? Anyone?? TIA :)

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