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2005 Corvette Stalling when driving


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Sep 13, 2005
Moncton, NB, Canada
1974 Metalic Blue L-48 Coupe 4 speed
Have a fellow here that has a 2005 automatic, 14,000 km on it.
The problem is: driving along and without any warning the car shuts off!
Coasts it to the side of the road, puts it in park or neutral, pushes the start button and it fires right up. Off he goes. Has the car in shop now and they haven't been able to correct the problem. He said it stalled on their floor as it was idling. Don't know if any codes
were showing or not, he didn't say. Wondering if anyone in here has heard of this being a problem or if any C6 owners have experienced it? Can someone help us?
See the thread posted yesterday (8/12) at 2:11 PM "Engine Reduced Power".

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