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Help! 2008 z06 power when accelerating seems hindered or simply not what it was before yesterday...


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May 2, 2016
Los angeles
Hello everyone. Hope all are well.
So... my z06.

I bought her new in 2008. Since then I have only put 66,000 miles on her and I oil change every 3-5 000 miles depending on intensity of driving that period. Only minor issues over the years until January of this year. I was driving mid January and a loud bang came from the engine and out the exhaust was large amounts of white smoke/steam. Come to find out a hole was punched through the engine and a new engine was required. Thankfully, and I mean THANKFULLY. I had the sense to purchase the extended warranty. The engine was covered. Engine blew up just when I was 4 months from warranty expiration.
Anyway, new engine is great. Week into new engine radiator goes bad. They replaced it. Warranty. Soon after that a troubling ticking sound from the rear end. Had to endure two separate stays at dealership before that issue was resolved.

That was last week. Now to the current time problem. Mind you I am 100 miles away from warranty expiring.

Two days ago all was well with the car, drives like a dream, recently got new tires, alignment, brakes... yesterday I first noticed something in the exhaust note when accelerating. Weaker, quieter, I cannot find the words to describe what I hear but I am trying. I know that the roar I am used to with normal up shifting from a stop and not exceeding 4000 rpm, that roar is not the same. It's lessened. Also, when accelerating through the gears from a stop and applying higher revs for speed, I get diminished power, hesitation, no power. I hope I have described well enough for someone to offer feedback. I'm worried because this morning I dropped her off at dealership, they claim to see nothing wrong with car. I know for sure something is up. What do I do?
I read a similar sounding experience and the remedy was MAF SENSOR. I know nothing about the mechanics when puch comes to shove. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Hib Halverson

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Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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If the problem still exists, go back to the dealership and ask the service manager to allow one of his techs to ride with you on a test drive. With the tech in the car, drive in the manner that causes the problem to occur.

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