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2015 failed R. I. emissions on state inspection-Help


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Oct 24, 2001
2000 Magnetic Red Vert & 2015 DSOM Coupe Z51-3LT
Just took my 2015 in for R. I. inspection. I am on good terms with the dealer I am still scratching my head. I had something to do with emission codes-eight off them total I think. They said if it was only one code they could pass it, but it was two codes. Then they noticed that they replaced the battery last month and the car would had to learn everything again and it would be OK. I we checked the mileage and the car had gone about 300 miles since the battery change, but they were done in two trips. Told me the computer worked on cycles and I had to do a lot of different types of driving. Short rides etc. Said to just drive it a lot and bring it back inn a couple of weeks. Ready to put the car in winter storage so this sounds nuts. What say. Legit ?
I would say it's legit. The newer cars have a lot of safeguards built in to avoid fraudulent emissions testing.
As far as I know anytime the battery is disconnected and then reconnected the vehicle needs to have a drive cycle done so that the trans adapt and ecm can relearn your driving habits. I think that was what your dealer did and now you just need to drive it and enjoy your ride.

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