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240 mph speedometer?



I was just wondering what year if any did a corvette come with a speedometer with 240 mph on it. I saw one the other day and i was just curious.
I never there was one, but I have had my speedo (140mph) pegged to the hilt, and I know I was going faster. It also helps that I have a TH700R-4 in my 79 L-82 now (vs the TH350). The 700R-4 is out of my stolen 82 Crossfire (God I miss that car!)

The '63 Grand Sports had a 200mph speedo, and every C5 I've seen has a 200mph speedo, but I've never seen a 240mph speedo in a 'Vette. C4's have a digital speedo. I know that it will show 180+...:D

You sure that was not a metric speedo?They are in kilometers which is about 5/8 of a mile. Chuck
240 speedo

there was never a factory speedo that went that high in a vette. You can buy one from one of the various vendors though.

The first time I saw one was in the car corral at Carlisle, there must have been at least 10 of them and it took me and my buddy half the day before we realized they were metric. But it does look kinda cool to have 240 on the speedo.:cool :upthumbs :cool

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