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Help! 4+3 shift problems

douglas foster

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Aug 18, 2005
minnesota usa
1984 C4 Gold coupe, Z51, 4+3 manual, BBS rims,
Can't figure this one, drive car normal,shift normal,turn off,let sit couple hrs. Put in clutch,start,shift out of reverse,can't shift into 1st, will go in to 3rd,and 4th,will finally work into 2nd,then 1st. After driving couple seconds shifts normally? If i let car sit couple days,or just over nite it doesn't have this problem???


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Help! 4+3 shift problems

I had a 1986 in the early 90's with a 4+3 transmission. It was doing the same thing.
I change change to fluid to synthetic & everything was fine.

Tomcat 74
91 ZR1 #906
father & son

th_teeshirtphotos007.jpgThank you all, took to my trans.specialist, checked linkage,slave,clutch master,ect: Fluid looked good,changed last yr. Said could not find any problems, but said some times seals in slave could malfuntion and hang up your shifting,or the master could be weaking? I replaced the master cyl. last yr, and the master i replaced was an 85 master, so to stay corract i put in an 84. Maybe should have replaced with like item? Mine was a late 84 production July. What ever, it's shifting fine for now, it is summer, got to be on the road!!! Thanks again

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