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59 shell


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Jan 26, 2001
Adelaide South Australia
Well going to start on the body soon , everyone who has seen it are concerned about a quote since the original man I had for the job pulled the pin on me after a long 2 year wait.
I know she is ugly right now but she will shine again.The only positive responce I got was from one fellow, who has worked on a couple of these before and recomended I change the whole front clip.
I priced one from Corvette America for $1000.00 will cost me twice that by the time I ship it here to Australia but this seems to be the better oiption.
I have attached a few picks for those interested.
ps has anyone delt with Corvette America and are the fibreglass parts any good?

Thanks Jose
Cant seem to be able to download pics will have to do them from home

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