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59 tire and wheel combo



Recently purchased a 59 corvette with ugly wheels and tires. Would like to upgrade to something bigger and better looking. What is the biggest tire and wheel combo that I can run without rubbing? Any help or suggestions would be appreciate.

Welcome to the forums Dale,

I have put Corvette 8" rallys on a '61 (sorry can't remember the tire size). they rubbed in the front on hard cornering. Autocrossing. I put a wheel off of a '76 on my '59 in the rear with a stock 225/70 and it would touch with the slightest bounce. Back in the '60s we ran 15 by 6" Americans with 8.25/15 on the rear and 7.25 or 7.75 on the front with no problem.

I have seen '67 6" Rallys on the '58 to '60 with a stock looking radial tire, 195/70, 205/70 or 215/70, but there isn't a lot of room for anything too much bigger. I've been thinking about 15 by 6 American Torque Thrust on the front and 7s on the rear with a 205/70 on the frront and a 215/70 or 225/75 on the rear. I need to do some measuring. you might be able to order a custom offset and get the wheel centered in the wheel well for a slightly larger size and still keep the rubber under the plastic.

One of our supporting venders, SS Auto Sport, is a dealer for Wheel Vintique. I think they have a chart in their catalog and probably on line to show how to measure for correct backspacing.
I am very interested in what you come up with.

Send Steve at SS a message and see what he can come up with.

I have 68 Corvette 7 inch rallye wheels on the back of my 57 with 225R75 15s wide whites from Diamond Back. The look good and don't rub. I have 6 inch wheels on the front with 205R15 wide whites on the front and no rub.


:w Welcome to the forums Verle. Sounds like you have figured out the right combination. I was thinking that a 7" wheel just might be the ticket and your use of a 75 series tire is, without a doubt, the way to go.

I'm picturing the wide whites and rally wheels on a white '57 in my mind, what there is, and I like it. Please post some pictures soon.

Thanks for the suggestions on the wheels. I am in the process of trying to make a set of chrome 16 X 7 inch rallys work on my 59 Corvette. The rims have 245/60 tires on them and after several trial fits on the front and back, I think they just might work. The rear will require the use of 1/4 inch spacers and longer wheel studs to clear the rear springs however. The front sidewalls are close to the tie rod ends but do not rub on lock to lock turing.

I really hope these work because they look great and feel out the wheel wells nicely.
wide whites & rallyes

The wheels are painted red.

The do double duty, sometimes with rings and 67 center caps and sometimes (mostly) with the original 57 full cover caps.

You might ask...why rallye wheels if I'm going to cover them up?

I had them. They are the right width and back space and I like rallye wheels.



How are the wheelcovers retained on the Rally wheels? I know that the stock wheels had bumps on the outer rim that the cover snapped over. I have thought that it would be cool to use rally wheels so you could change around when your mood changed.


Post some pics of your '59 with the 16 inchers on it when you can. I like the sound of your combination too.

I think we should all have about 4 different set of wheels and tires around. Kind of like getting a new car whenever the mood strikes.

wide whites and rallye wheels

I placed four small beads with a MIG welder in the same locations as the stock nubs then shaped them with a small grinder. Took some trial & error to get the shape right but they work.

One guideline is; don't make the bead too long or you will not get the hubcap on at all. More is not necessarily better.


As soon as I get everything together, I will post some pics. I originally bought these wheels and tires for my 69 Camaro before I purchased the 59 Corvette. Once I pulled the 59 into the garage I knew I had to try the wheels on the vette. The only problem I have is the front hubs extend out to far and won't allow me to use the flat cap centers(67 camaro style). I'll have to use the rally wheel centers that look ok, but the flat caps would look much better.

That's just what I figured I would have to do. Great minds think alike.


I can understand the problem with the big hub and I like the '67 caps better too. Last week I saw a picture someplace with rallys and '67 caps. I need to find that. He probably had a different front suspension.


That is a nice stance with those wheels and tires. I would also like to know the sizes. Cool ride as well.


Hey Dale, my first reply got squashed 'cause ROB reduced the max attachment size for pics. Dumped my whole book I wrote for you!!

Anyway, short and sweet...

Firestone Firehawks
P235/60 15
7" Truespokes with a 1/2" spacer
Centers have been modified. A piece of mild steel was welded to the center to allow mounting of the vette spinners

Steering by ARMSTRONG. Parking is a P.I.T.A. with those fat meats.
Handling is a dream. Feels like a slotcar!!

Wish I had Power Steering, but otherwise, I love 'em

Good Luck!@!@

Rick and Donna:beer
Finally, got the 16's(245/50/16) mounted today. It has taken longer than I originally thought do to some additional parts need to make the rear wheels mount up without rubbing. I had to use longer studs and 5/16 inch wheel spacers, but everything appears to be working fine after a few test drives today.

Boy, those rear drums are a pain in the butt to get off!!!!!!

No pics yet but I wheel get some as soon as I can.

I am having a similar drum issue, How in the heck did you get it off???

Great job on the 16's!! I am envious you have 245's. How's the steering?

Rick and Donna:beer
How did I get the drums off? BIG BIG HAMMER!!!!!!! It also took lots of swings with that hammer to get those stubborn drums off. I backed the adjusters all the way down, knocked the studs out and the darn thing (passenger side drum) still wouldn't come off easily. After about 30 minutes of hammering it finally came off minus a small triangle piece off the outer drum.

While I had the drum off, I took my Dremel tool and grinded a very small portion of the center hole out so the next time I needed them off it would be much easier.

As for the driving, the car handles and drives fine so far. I haven't noticed any rubbing or handling problems.
Stuborn drum

That was a good idea to slightly polish the center hole. I completely distroyed a drum one time but it was the only way to get it off. Fortunately I had a couple spares. We NEED to see pictures of your new wheel/tire combo. Enjoy the new look.

How you doing Tom? I used to run 15x8 rally's with BFG 245-60x15 with no problems on my '60. I'd still have them if my wife wouldn't have made me put them back on her '79. What nerve. :D
Hey 60! where ya been?

Must be that the lower profile works better.


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