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59tom, here's a '59 Speedster...

Thanks Ken, I like it!! That is about how mine will set with the mods I have planned. The sidepipes look good too. I priced Kidney Bean Halibrands in real knock offs a few years ago. About $500. each with KO adapters and hardware. These PS are bolt on I think. I need to check that out. Got the gears turning again Ken.

BTW Ever think of a 409 for your car? :D "She's real fine, Ken's 409." Come on. Everybody sing. Did I ever tell you about the '55 Corvette my friend bought with the 409 in it?

It isn't out of the question but Ihave been thinking of some other things too.


As a teen growing up, my best friend's brother was the local motor head always dreaming up something better than the next guy. He had a 62 Bel Air conv. that he hit a tree with one night with a 409 in it. He shortly thereafter bought a 59 vette with no engine and the big block was transplanted, along with a cam, headers and a 4:11 posi. The car was so much the animal, he ended up cutting the wheel wells out and mounting either 12 or 14 inch slicks. Wheel stand......like it was nothing. I don't remember what he was turning in the 1/4 but he did almost all his racing on the street for $$$. I do remember my best friend and I "borrowing" the car one night (I think we forgot to ask) while his brother was at work. We took turns driving it, racing everything in sight and litterally beating the hell out of it. Much the same as the beatings we got when we got caught, by his brother and our fathers. Thinking back on it, it was the wrong thing to do, but what a trip at age 15.

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