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6 Speed Specifications


Boater Chuck

I just purchased a 2002 Magnetic Red Metallic Coupe with a 6 speed manual. The vehicle order detatil sheet says the transmission order code is MN6 and there is a note that says the transmission is "Z06 specific". The Chevy web site does not have any information on the MN6 transmission. They refer to the MM6 for the coupe and M12 for the Z06. My dealer said the MN6 has the same ratios as the M12.
Does anyone know the difference between the MM6 and the MN6?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Welcome to the CACC Chuck. And congratulations on your new 'Vette.

We dont have the '02 tranny spec's listed in the specifications section of this site, but we do have the '01 spec's. I dont imagine they have changed the tranny gearing between this year and last.

The '01 coupe had the following gears
  • 1st 2.66
  • 2nd 1.78
  • 3rd 1.30
  • 4th 1.00
  • 5th 0.74
  • 6th 0.50
  • Reverse 2.90
  • Axle Ratio 3.42
  • Final Drive Ratio 1.71
The '01 spec's can be found here.

The '01 Z06 tranny had the following gears
  • 1st 2.97
  • 2nd 2.07
  • 3rd 1.43
  • 4th 1.00
  • 5th 0.84
  • 6th 0.56
  • Reverse 3.28
  • Axle Ratio 3.42
  • Final Drive Ratio 1.92
The '01 Z06 spec's can be found here
It looks like the Z06 has slightly higher gears giving it an edge in acceleration and 1/4 mile times.

Hope this answers your question

HI there,
M12 is the ZO6 transmission
MM6 is the actual transmission in the Coupe and convertible
MN6 is the actual provisions for the transmission, wiring, clutch, and other things.
You will find that MN6 is on all manual equipped vehicles.
This is how the codes read, and also, the only difference between the 2, other than actual gear ratios, in the inputshaft.
Besttoyou, c4c5
Thanks to all of you for your information!

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