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64 Roadster questions



Hi ,I am a newbi with a 64 Vette roadster (327) .Its a very nice driver that i am enjoying until the snow flies but i have a few Questions. The car is original except for the hubcaps ,it has 67s on. Does anyone know who reproduces the 64 ones,i have not found them in catalogs. the other thing i wonder about is the headlights. Mine work very nicely but my basic insecurity about what could i do if they failed prompts my asking if there is a manual quick fix ? I spent a lot of time with British sports cars and with all things Lucas you worried. The 3rd and last is that i have been told that fuelie heads are better , why ?
Thanks in advance:confused

Here are couple of places to check for those hubcaps Grahula Enterprise ; THE PORTAL right here at CACC, and SSautoSport one of our Local Vendors ;)

Now for the headlights.. yes there are knobs that are up under the nose of your 64 that allow you to manually rotate your head lights to the open or the closed positions. It's been a few years since I've used one, If memory serves me correctly they are on the inboard side of the head lights on in the nose portion..

Welcome and enjoy the ride ;)

From one newby to another, hello. If you are into keeping things correct, there were two styles of hubcaps in '64. Early date cars had all crome hubcaps and later models had hubcaps with the frosted paint on the dish. I can't remember off the top of my baldy top the date of change, but if you have any questions, I'll try to find it again. My '64 was a February car and is considered a late model for the purpose of the hubcaps. There have been several sets for sale on ebay and such places in the last few months. Good luck.

From one newby, who's still learning how to post a reply, to another , hello. I replied to your post with a new one titled hubcaps. I hope it helps and I think I've got this down now.
Charlie and Stall,
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center fellow 64'ers. Can't help you with the hubcaps but after repairing a dash fire in mine I can help you with any wiring problems!
Hey Stall, I guess this means the part in your profile that says "not yet, still looking" is happily mistaken:grin . Congrats on the Vette and welcome aboard!
Fuelie heads

The FI heads had bigger valves. 2.02 intakes vs 1.94 and 1.60 exhaust vs 1.50. In '64 the fuelie heads were used on the 375 fuel injection engine and the 365 hp carbed engine. If you are considering using a different head on your car to improve performance there are better choices available today and you wouldn't have to rebuild a well worn 40 year old part. Price for a good pair of fuelie heads is high due to the demand for restoration usage.

Due to the design of the ports and the fast burn chambers the Vortec heads are supposed to be the best flowing iron heads Chevy ever made. I wonder if they would miss the ones off my Tahoe next April when the lease is up.
:L Santa would. He sees everything. :grinsanta

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