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68-69 Rag top guys, need your help


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
I can't find any of my parts I pulled off and put away last year. Or at least the ones I want.

Please look at your car and tell me what the plate looks like, what it is made of, and about how large that is several inches above the door striker. It is held in by two screws. This is unique to the 68-69 guys as later they made a male/female receptical to better align and hold the doors solid. I am talking about the plate on the body side. I have the brass pieces that screw to the doors and correspond with this mystery plate.

If I could just remember what it looks like and is made out of I might just find it. I remember taking them off the car, but can't find them in any of my door hardware baggies.

Ill go down and take a pic, I should be posting it in a half hour or so..
If this isnt it, describe it again ok

OOps the pic isnt there, Ill try again

Thank you Tom, that is the piece.

Now, can you tell me if it is plastic or metal?

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