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68 convertible CE block



Hello. My husband has recently come down with "corvette fever".
He is looking at a 1968 427 390hp car that has a 1969 CE 427 390hp engine. How does this engine change affect the value?
Thank you.
What are they asking for the car?

And what are the details.....

A series of pictures would be helpful.

But I didn't answer your question

As far as a numbers matching investment goes.. it reduces the value of the car.

But to a man ( or woman) in the clutches of "Da Fever"..it dosen't make that much of a difference.

I would have to dig a bit to see what a PERFECT 10 car is worth... but numbers matching..like is he buying with the intention of competing/ showing the car?

Or is this the middle age crazy machine?

A CE block is a factory "replacement" engine, probably done under warranty. I know that in 69, they had a 5/50 Warranty. Not sure about 68. Anyhow, it's not the original motor, and that effects the value significantly. Depends on what you want to do with the car. If your goal is NCRS/Bloomington type events, a non original motor will prevent you from obtaining Top Flight/Gold. What is the asking price of the car? Chuck

P.S. CE stands for "Chevrolet Engine".

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