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69 /427 or 77 /350

69 427 or 77 l82??

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I have a chance to trade my 77 for a 427 69 ..the 69 has been laying up for about 10 years under tarp under a tree in texas the 427 has been stored, and keep very clean in side a shed, the right rear 1/4 pannel is missing but it seems to be in good shape other than that. My question is should I make the trade.My 77 is in OK shape I started my frame off and found a lot of rust on the frame and some frame damage due to a wreck several years ago. I can drive the 77 to texas and then put the 69 on my buds old c123 and fly it back down here and do a frame off on it ?? yea or nay?:confused
Well there is no doubt that the '69 is worth more and will be more desirable throughout time. Since the '77 needs frame work ect. you might as well put your time and money in the more valuable car.

This is a no-brainer....>

The 69/427 is a fantastic deal for you, especially in the long run!

I would trade my 77 Corvette for it and it's flawless too as you can see here:


Would you like to join my 77 Club that's on my website?

I say go for the 69'. It's probably going to be years until Chevy will put a motor bigger than a 350 into a Corvette. Plus, it'll be collectible and worth something, not just an "ordinary" 350 Vette'.:D
If decide on the '77, I'll drive anywhere in Texas to pick up the '69. Just tell me where I need to go. And dont say Hell, everyone always says that!
Either way you have work to do. You may as well spend it on the better car! The 69 big block is one bad a$$ car!:cool
BIG Block!
BIG Block!
BIG Block!

I'll go get it if you don't! Which tree is it under?

Did you make a choice of which vehicle? You also must remember that the mid-late 70's Vette's aren't that powerful so if going fast is your thing, then the Big Block is the logical choice.
I hope, this is not a question.
Of course chrome bumper big block.:_rock
Do the swap fast.
I know the '77 is your 'first love' probably, but you've got a shot at a '69 big block ?!!!!!! If you have to give up one, go for the '69.... but if you can, well, say, keep the '77, too........
Keeping the 77

I took a good look at the 69 and it hasent moved for 15 years and in turn needs a LOT of work. I now have the 77 off the frame and have started the rebuild . I drove the 77 for 2 years before I got in to the rebuild so I know that it runs and is in pretty good shape it was just a week 70s era glass car.I plan to fix all that with a complete engine build up looking at 300+ HP , a 5 speed, and a few other neat goodys that I see you cat's do. I love all your help and due to 9-11 I am busy so this will take me a bit longer than I wanted but I am into it now and Iam hopeing for a complete date of 9 months to 1 year. I may keep the 69 on the back burnner but I will build this 77 in to a nice touring car with a basic 77 stingray body on a 1990s frame engine,interior etc. take care if your ever way "down south Jukin" stop and have a Guinness with me ( room temp of course)

(General over view)

Phase 1 : remove body
remove engine and trany . remove everything from frame. (done)

Phase 2 : clean bead blast and re paint frame

Phase 3 : re work engine , comp cam 268 Mag, AFR 190 heads, Edlebrock ploished air gap RPM, manifold, edelbrock 800 cfm carb, afterburnner headers w/ cross over, after burnner cans,
Richmond 5 speed tranny.

Phase 4 : re do interior.

phase 5 : new paint Red w/ white racing stripes high rise L/82 hood. :beer
Sounds like a well thought out plan. Good luck on your rebuild and keep us posted on the progress.

I'm sure the '69 needs work, but you're talking about a lot of work, too. Don't give up on the big block. Sad to say, if it runs at all, it'll probably have more hp than the nicely modded 350. You can buy new repro frames, by the way.

Either way, good luck and have fun!
Frames ??

how much and where?? do they ship?? next time I am in TX I could get one?? The 69 was a 390 hp BB pw /ac/ at/ blk interior thats still in some what good shape, it needs a hood, new springs, etc, the glass is still good and it needs all new chrome .I think I will keep it on the back burnner I know the guy wont sell it to just anyone he's one of them old vette guys that are set in certain ways but he offered it to me as a trade for my 77 and I could make the trade at any time and at any stage of my build up, some dyas I want the 69 but then other days it just seems like to much work. pluss I want somethig I can take very long road trips with, say 1200 + miles thats why I think the 350 touring set up would be the way to go we dont drag race this far down south but we have some great coast line to drive on.
69 /427 or 77 /350

I truly love my 77 Corvette but the 69 sounds like great deal. So my opinion I bust up the piggy bank and by the 69 out right and keep 77.
I say be a rebel. Why settle for everyman's dream- when you can settle for YOUR OWN legend? Get the 77 and build your own 427. Leave it stock everywhere but the engine and driveline. Go out, and at stoplights... let everyone assume that you have a dinosaur. Then rudely surprise them with a gross display of tire shredding power.

Long live the sleeper!
Nah! Keep your 77.

Just kiddin man! Go for the big block!!! Do you know what 427 it is? L68/L71 or even L88!!! Hell go for it anyway. The 69`s are the best corvettes.

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