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69/ 427 over the 77 L 82



I got to look at the 69 yesterday (just out side of Houston Tx) yes I flew up I will be here for about 4 days.. Anyway it is a 390 hp 427 the motor is out of the car and in a shed, the car looks about like {69 my ways} did at first pretty beat up , the front end has some minor damage to the nose peice and the rear has some minor damage where the bumpers were , it has all the parts with it, the frame has surface rust , the inside has some mold but the dash and every thing is about like new no cracks or anything. the doors have very bad rust it has T tops , removeable rear glass all glass is in good shape AC/ Power windows but no tilt or telley it was an TH 400 auto, it has no hood no carpet, stress fracters in the back deck . SOOOOOO my 77 looks in much better shape and I want to build a touring car so I was thinking about a mid HP 350 (370 to 400) hp a 5 speed, and a VB&P PPF kit , I love the 69 but I dont know if I want the added weigt of the RAT you big block guys with the PPFpluss kits how do you like it can I make the 69 rat in to a good touring car for long drives and great response driveing?? looking for some good advice, it would be a even steven swap my 77 for all the parts and pices of the 69 . :confused
Let me get this straight ... You're trading a decent '77 for a trashed-out '69? If that's the case, keep looking! That car has an absurd amount of work to be done on it -- especially given the rust.

Heck, I passed on a *nice* -- very clean -- '69 with a 350 for 9500 bucks!
I want to change my vote in the poll now that you have given a good description. I now vote to keep the 77. How about a third option, keep the 77 and buy the 69 as a project?

I think that I will keep the 77 and turn it into a touring car, 5 speed, 350, VB&P perf + suspenssion, I got the 77 for free and it ran up untill I took it off the frame Thanks for all the input.

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