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69 Hardtop Weatherstripping & Side-pipe question



Hi Everyone,
I've got a 69 427 convertible, and the Hard top is in desperate need of new Weatherstripping. The two places I did see that sold the kit, where both selling them for over $325. That just seemed a bit high for weatherstripping.
Anyone know where I may be able to get it cheaper?

Also, I've got the Hooker style side-pipes on my 69. Is that style factory? My tank sticker isn't in that great shape too find out that way.
Thanks alot for the help!

Now, on to my oil leak problem! LOL
Welcome to CAC!

It pays to shop around for Corvette Rubber. I bought mine from Mid America as a package deal for the whole car including the convertible top. I have not installed the top rubber yet, so can't tell you much more about it. It seems like I paid a litte less than $300 for mine.

The Hooker style pipes were not factory. However, I like them better. Are yours chrome, painted, or ceramic coated? What is the history on your car?

Sounds like you and I will have much in common here. How about some pictures?
Thanks alot for responding, and thank you very much for the welcome.
My car is a 1969 427/390hp It is a matching number ST. Louis made car, with Lemans Blue interior & was originally the Lemans blue paint. I am the Third owner. The second owner was a single lady whom didn't have the skills nor proper equipment to mess with the car. She had the engine rebuilt back in 1998. Its been stripped and primered, and ready for its new paint job.

I too like the Hooker style side-pipes much better then the others as well. They are chromed, but I'm planning on getting them redone soon. I was talking with a company that does a new aluminizing process with the header section. Are you familar with this? They wanted $350 for all (4) sections which sounded VERY resonable to me. I was wondering if that would be better then the Jet coating on my headers? The pipes themselves I like chrome!!
My new problem seems to be a mysterious oil leak. I changed all the seals, including the seal from the back of the block to the transmisson, and still a small black puddle on my driveway when I wake up in the morning. I'm having a very hard time tracing it out, so I think I might have no choice but to take it to a pro! Any ideas what I'm missing?
There are some very simple things to check that have turned out to be my problem in the past.

First, check the gasket on the drain plug. I know that sounds stupid, but it can be cracked, torn, or so pressed that it is letting oil seap past. My dually was doing this to me making me think I had a rear main leak. I just changed the oil the other day and found the plastic gasket seal to have a small crack. I replaced it with the oil change, and now it is dry as a bone.

Valve covers will work you over as well, especially if you have stamped steel/chrome covers. Where you tighten the bolts the covers dimple/distort causing an uneven surface. The old style heads allow oil to puddle right at the gasket while the engine is running. This will result in oil leaking out (usually in the rear), running down the head, back of the block, then dripping on the ground.

If at all possible, get the rubber replacment gaskets. Clean the surface, and use a small hammer and blunt punch with a 2x4 to flatten the rim of the cover.

Next, feel along the top back of the block between the intake manifold and the block. This area can leak and you will have oil splashing up under the intake and leaking up over the back of the block. The easy way to cure is to clean it up very, very clean, then smear some RTV across the gap. The hardest way to seal is to just pull the intake off, and reseal it with an appropriate amount of sealant.

The gasket between the distributor and intake can be bad. Sometimes you have to put two to get it to seal. Oil will escape and drip down the back of the block.

Last but not least, check the oil filter. Often, it may be too tight, or not tight enough. The last time the oil was changed, the rubber o-ring may have stuck to the block from the old filter, and now you have an extra o-ring there. This will surely leak.

Good luck with that.

There are plenty of options on the header coating. None of them will last forever. Right now I am considering Jet Hot ceramic. Yours will cost a little more because they have to blast the chrome off.

Thanks so much for the response. I didnt think of that! I guess beacuse it sounds so simple you overlook that as a possiblity to being the real problem!
Thanks again!
Keith M

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