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700R4 Trans.



This is nice.It is my first post and I need to keep the 700R4 in low gear longer,it shift's at 5200 and would run better if I could hold it in until 5800 to 6000 R.P.M. I have a hughes trans.with 2500 stall converter.The detent cable is adjusted per the book.Thank you
I would guess that for it to do it automaticly it would take an internal shift kit. Until then just shift it manualy.

I agree with Tom, but would also suggest instead of using the factory detent settings, go ahead and play with it so that it will hold it in gear a tad longer. I always have to actually do it to remember which way, but as you know if you move it one way it will shift way too soon, and the other will hold out longer.

You are really stretching it out to 5,800. Is that a stock engine? I am not sure they even make any extra hsp at the RPM anyway. You may actually go slower if you wait that long to shift.
If you pull the TV forward a couple of notches it should hold out just a tad longer. Becareful though... too much and it will send that tran to scraps in no time. The best way as said before is to get a shift kit and or upgrade your servo with a billet piece. Check out 700r4.com or Bowtie Overdrives good places and a lot of info.

BTW what yr is the tranny?

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