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'71 Car Bra


May 4, 2002
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1971 LT-1 Mulsanne Blue R'ster
Does anyone know of a manufacturer/retailer who offers a good quality, tight fitting car bra for a '71?

- Alan
I agree with inferno . I used to have one on my firebird, but that was cool back in the 80s. It will mess up your paint, and just really isn't necessary to beauty-up a C3. :nono Just my 2 cents you didn't ask for. Good luck on your search.
I agree with your comments.
BUT, in the land downunder not all our roads are freeway standard and most of the outer roads still have stones on the shoulders. Also, we still have a lot of unsealed road and many of the serious owners use bras & clip on mudflaps to protect the cars until they get to the destinations. Trucks have a tendency to "spray" the stones from time to time and the paintwork takes a battering. We also have high incidences of windshield breakage.
So the bra ain't for cosmetic purposes it is to protect the paint on our out of city runs.
Doesn't someone make a clear plastic nose cover? It's called stoneguard or something. They are supposed to protect as well as the typical bra, without the major paint damage and debris damage. Being clear, the paint won't fade under them, and they are supposed to fit much tighter. I think Eckler's and Mid-America had them for a while, but I haven't looked in a catalogue for a while. I know they don't look real good, but I'm even thinking of getting a bra for my Ty to keep the front end from getting paint chipped to pieces from the rocks on the Colorado Highways after winter sanding and graveling.

but I would check Eckler's or Mid America or one of the other Corvette Stuff retailers.

-T Jay
I agree with Inferno. Don't get it. It will give you more problems than you had before.

I can somewhat relate to what you're having to deal with on the roads down there. Here in Colorado USA the roads conditions are also very destructive to the front ends of low riding cars. Windshield replacement is an annal event here.

I would go with the clear bra if you need and want some added protection. I do know that 3M makes a good one and I believe that is the brand that most of the new car dealers use here in the state.

One drawback of the clear though is your paint condition must be perfect on near perfect on the front end as this clear bra or protective covers everything just the way you saw it last. Chips, scratches etc.

Good luck,

Hey Guys,
Thanks for your comments. :BOW
I was unaware of the clear plastic masking and will investigate it as an alternative. One way or another, I have to get either one as a matter of urgency due to the chips that are appearing on the nose.
Although the Bra can cause some paint scuffing it is easily buffed out, whereas respraying the nose every few years gets expensive.
I will definately look into the plastic as a better option.
Thanks again
I've also hear about some kind of acrylic coating on the paint.:confused If scrached can be buffed easly. Have anybody hear about this? I could swear that I read it in here some where!
A typical vinyl bra can destroy your paint in a hurry if any moisture gets trapped under it - heat from the sun will cause the trapped moisture to get VERY hot, and it will "fog" your paint under the bra, especially if you have basecoat/clearcoat paint.
I have to jump in on this one........My bra has been on now for over three seasons. When I purchased the bra I had a local canvas/tent shop sew in extra webbing loops to assure tightness of fit. The fit is the main problem, it has to be tight.
Each spring and fall I remove said bra, buff and wax the paint and re-install. Which I did just three weeks ago.

I have detected absolutely no damage whatsoever....read again, NO DAMAGE at all. No paint fade. no bubbling paint, very little if any scuffs. Heck, I find scuffs on the rest of the car from time to time in just normal usage.
One thing I do find is a perfect front end, free of road chips from rocks and gravel.

I believe the problem people have with bras is that they were not installed correctly in the first place and then just left on for a long period of time without proper buffing and waxing.

Look, if my bra created damage it would be off in a heartbeat. I wouid not continue to use it. One does not restore a Vette just to let it waste away under a bra.

Hey, tangee-vette... thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

I have considered all of the comments from the various members and decided to get one of the vinyl bras. I think your comments about the tightness of fit is the key to the least damage to the paintwork.
I already run an '89 Camaro Convertible with a Le Bra brand vinyl bra with absolutely no problems. I will admit that it is only used 3-4 times a year on out of city runs or during late spring when insect problems can cause severe fouling of the radiator and is a "bloody" mess on the nose cone. The fit on the Camaro is superb and no flapping, at any speed, is noticed. In 4 years of use I have no visible paint marking or scuffing, but I think that is due to the tightness of fit and no real areas for air to be forced under the bra causing it to flap.

My original inquiry was not so much "to use or not to use a bra" but more, what is the best fitting bra for a 71? Given that the popup headlights allow air to enter under the bra, which bra ultimately gives the best fit with the least likelihood of scuffing the paint?
I considered using the stick on film option, but I don't really want to put a covering over the paint, particularly with the temperatures in summer (+40C) and the UV degredation that we have on product not specifically designed for Australian conditions.
Who knows what could happen to the surfaces underneath and I'm not prepared to gamble with my "babe".

Do you have any recommendations as to the best fitting of the available bras and if I need to add webbing, whereabouts does it need to be sewn into??

Regards from downunder

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