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'72 Vette



I was driving home the other day when i spotted a 72 vette in this guys yard behind the fence,,so,,,,,,,,i stopped in my '80 VETTE and got out and began looking at this vette... first thing i saw was the paint had cracks all over the body and atire or two were flat and as i continued examing this machine i noticed the luggage rack was rusted and the interior needs total gutting and replacing,, about that time the owner walks up and says to me... "WHAT DO YOU THINK" ,hmmmmmmmm...well i was trying to be nice and i said not too bad and I asked how much and he said "12,000" and i was thinkng this may be a bit high...what do you think? i asked to hear the motor start and was told that the battery was dead...i asked how set he was on price and he said "firm 12,000" ..and then he said if i wasn't interested someone else would be,,,,what do you think it's worth?
Here's my .02...

Did you get any more info on the motor and was it an auto or manual? Was it a coupe or convertible? Sounds like it's in pretty rough shape so, unless its a "special" car, he'll probably be keeping it for awhile at that price...
72 vette

i think it was a four speed and i couldn't or wasn't given a chance to look at the engine,, it had a t-top and it's still there
I think that car will probably be setting in that yard long enough to become a flower planter. Keep looking. There are decent cars for that amount of money out there.

yeah your right. there are cars out there in good condition for that kind of money. some people think if they have a corvette and it's in horrible condition that it's worth top dollar because it says "CORVETTE" . i would like it for a project car but not at that price maybe 3000.00 ???????
I ran into that something like that last summer... this guy has 2 72' or 73' cannot remember right off hand.. he wanted a crap load for both of them.. and they looked like they needed a lot of work! So I moved on.

Right now.. I am looking at my uncles 73' it is a really sharp car... and he said he only wants out of it what he paid for it $10,100.

It has :

454ci engine with 89k true miles
Matching Numbers (something I was really looking for..)
Brand new stainless steel muffler system and tips.

It does need new brakes and eventually new tires. Plus the front end bumper will need to be replaced cause it has a major crack in it. But other than that, I think it is worth while for the most part.
I know what you mean, i would love to find a vette that needs to be restored for the right price.....i guess the quest continues
BradC Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community

As you see we here at CAC have a fondness and a soft spot for the Chevrolet CORVETTE ;) . You'll find information within the confines of CAC that you would have to search a dozen sites to find. The forums are great, helpful and fun, but the meat of the information is here at other locations ie..l Home | Events | History | Shopping Center | Site Resources | Specifications | Tech. Center l (check these out from drop down menu's at the top of the page) and stop by Our Lounge for some friendly conversations and tech help too.

Enjoy your :W:
thanks Rare81..

I plan to eventually join in on any and all that I can .. conversations :)

We are going to go look at the vette today.. and hopefully.. either buy it today or .. this coming week :)

I have been searching and looking over this site for a couple of weeks.. thanks to RobAC :)

I have enjoyed reading all the stories, conversations and technical advice that has been given out. It gives me an idea on what to do with mine. :)
I know how you feel, the hardest thing is to walk away from a car. I looked for about 4 months before I finaly found the car I
really wanted. I was looking for a steel bumper car and ended
up with a 72 coupe. If your looking for a project car here's a tip.
attend some local car shows and cruz the parking lots, thats where the diamonds in the rough are.
i would be real careful of a car that is sitting on flat tires. frame rust starts 30 seconds after it touches the ground. i have seen several cars such as you describe , several times i have gone to the trouble of getting a wrecker and lifting them up to find not just rust but complete distruction. in texas fire ants will comsume anything left unattended sitting on the ground. just my opp. robert
A friend found our 72 LT-1 convertible for us in Lake Charles, La. The restoration had already been started. All that was needed was some minor body work, paint and some minor interior. Actually the paint wasn't really all that bad, we just wanted to go back to the original color. We got him for $14,000.00 3 years ago. He's 1 of 404 made that year.

Robert Kirk is right about the rust and fire ants here in Texas too.:W:
I stoped back by yesterday and he had a sign in the window that said "12,000.00 firm" I am bonded on this car for some reason, i don't know why, i think i will go by after work and get the phone number and call him tonight to see what kinda deal i can make...stay tuned

You just feel sorry for this car because you know in your heart that it deserves better. I call it the adopt a puppy syndrome. Good luck.

Sorry. Your time is up. Same time next week. See the receptionist on your way out.

Dr. Tom, Corvetteologist
Dr. Tom,
You forgot to state your fee.;) So here's a :beer for you!:W:

Well i stopped back by to talk to the individual about the corvette yesterday on my way home from work. now he's offering it at 10,500,,,I think the reason for the price reduction is because it's been sitting in his front yard for almost a year, and he knows that it really isn't worth that much in it's present condition, I will keep you updated,,, yesterday also when i was close to home I noticed a 1984 corvette for sale it had a sign in the window and I stopped and looked, it says it was cross-fire injected, anyone know anything about this? I seem to remember hearing something about cross-fire injection and I don't think it was good...

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