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'73 Mako Shark?


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Oct 15, 2000
Bowie, MD
Vette-less for now

I need some help from the bounty of experts at the CAC. I have a good friend that claims to be in the process of purchasing a '73 Mako Shark (as he calls it). Now mind you, this is a guy who has owned a '69BB and a '77 so he does know his way around a Corvette. But I have my doubts about this car. He said the current owner claims there were only 5 made. It has a 454 (which was available that year). Silver and has low miles. My questions are these:

a. Ever hear of such a car in 1973? If so, what chances this is a legit ride?
b. Really only 5 (assuming it is legit)?
c. Value. (My buddy wouldn't tell me what the guy wants for it (and he's not loaded which makes me even more skeptical that he could afford it) if real.

Still looking in my books for pictures. Anyone have any data on this car? Any pic w.b great too. Any input w/b helpful. I'm trying to prevent him from making a huge mistake.

Thanks all......... Nut
This is all I found at the NCM Bob:
The driving team of John Greenwood, Ron Grable, and Mike Brockman drive a Corvette to a win in its class at Sebring, and taking third place overall, the best ever showing for a Corvette at Sebring. [79.72]
Corvette Corral, forerunner to Bloomington Gold, is first held, in Bloomington, Illinois. [131.77] [167.65] [169.36] (1972 [103])
September 13
General Motors show a 266ci two-rotor Wankel-engined test Corvette at the 45th German Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The car is called Corvette 2-Rotor, (code name XP-897GT) with a steel body. [5] [45.34] [104.139]
October 4
General Motors premieres the 390ci mid-engined Corvette Four-Rotor prototype at the Paris Automobile Salon in France. The Corvette Two-Rotor is also shown. Both use rotary engines based on Wankel technology. [5] [90] [117.55] [147] [158.32]

I'll keep looking. ;)

The only thing I can find on Mako Shark Corvettes is the information on the concept cars. The xp-755 or Mako SharkII was shown in 1965, and gave a glimpse of the the C3, but that's not a 1973. I know GM does a lot of strange things that never make it past test stages, and aren't intended for general public, but I've never heard of Mako's built in the 70s.

I'll do some surfing and see what else I can dig up as well.

T Jay
Thanks to all

Thanks everyone for all your help. I was 99.9% sure he was not looking at "original" hdwr, but rather a kit car as T-Jay and Tyla identified. Hope this convinces my Bro to not get swindled. If I get a chance to see this car myself I'll let you know.

Best Regards......... Nut

got the proteam newspaper today. they say they had it and sold it the same day for $39900. they show pictures of what looks like the car i offered $50000. for to the owner at eckler's last year which was refused on the spot.
now the reading part of the add, says something other than what i saw and know to be true.
if this is a replicar and you want it, fine. my offer still stands and THAT owner has my phone/address if he wants to sell it NOW!
if what proteam has sold IS the one, the new owner will make $10000, or more profit by contacting me now,IMED! Q@UICKLY!
just remember, new owner, i was there and have pictures that i took then to compare to. no phonies please. :cool :beer :cool

I think that's a bit of an understatement. I saw the real deal in the GM display of prototypes and factory racers at Carlilse in 2000 or 99 and they wouldn't even let you touch that purty thang. Even though it did have some stress cracks at the base of that clamshell I'd hate to see what kind of price they'd want for it.

The one proteam has/had was/is a 69 custom job. It's painted the wrong colors anyhow - black fading to white instead of dark blue to white. It's in my most recent copy of Trader. For $40k+, I'd rather have a new Caddy STS or a fully restored 70 LT-1 + the trailer to tow it in. :s
Tyla said:
I wonder what todays market price on Fred Sanfords Primered red junk truck is today ??? :J
Cheers, T. :cool
You funny Tyla!

As for the one at Carlisle, it was the #2 with the ZL-1. The cockpit on that baby was pretty cool too. I never understood why GM didn't leave the side mirrors where they were on the Manta Ray for produciton in 68 - top of the A-pillar.

Oh yeah, I would never try to clear a cluttered mind, I'd rather add to the clutter so you can get like me someday:L.

- Eric
Boy did I stir up a bees nest here. I am hoping to see this car on Saturday or Sunday (hopefully) before my buddy buys it. I believe Tyla has a right. This has got to be a custom (replica) of some kind. Stay tuned and thanks for everyone's input.

........ Nut
Hey Nut, take some pictures so we can see...pleeease! Where is this thing anyhow, I might just want to see it too:L.

- Eric

It's in Silver Spring, MD. Off New Hampshire Ave and 495. I'll try and get a hold of my bud tonight and see if I can meet him there tomorrow (before MD whips FL State). Go Terp's!! Stay tuned.

........ Nut

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