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73 power brake conversion


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Nov 24, 2001
Mattituck,NY USA
1967 blue coupe, 1973drk. blue coupe
Hi all, happy holidays. I recently purchased a 73 that isn't equiped with power brakes. I put all new shoes in and had the rotors cut but it seems to take alot of pedal pressure to stop the car. Someone along the way changed to stainless flex lines so just to be sure I bled the brakes. I have a hard pedal, so I don't think theres air in the lines. I have a 67 with power brakes that will stop on a dime. I'm wondering how hard it is to convert to power brakes and what else is needed besides the vacume boost modual? Anyone ever do this? Thanks for you help!
Check with Vette Brakes, they sell a complete kit with all the needed parts to make the conversion. Is a basic bolt in job.

Yep, I did it.

You need the power brake hard lines from the proportioning valve to the master cylinder. You need the power brake booster. You need a power brake master cylinder.

It is straight forward. However, you will have to cut a different sized hole in the firewall for the power brake location and redrill two of the holes.

Call your chiropracter, because laying on your back and hooking up the brake booster shaft to the brake pedal clevis mounting pin is a nightmare.

Of everything I have done to my car including the frustration with the delay wiper conversion, the most aggravating job of all was hooking up the power brake booster.

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