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77 - Need a modern stereo



I want to put a modern CD stereo in my 77. 2 things:

1 - I hear you can buy replacement panels. I'd like to buy one and cut that up to fit the stereo. Where can I get these?

2 - Where is a good place to get a stereo/CD for the vette? I want a regular decent one (nothing too special) and a simple pair of speakers.


Get your speakers from Memphis car audio 1 800 467 2400. then go to a good stero shop in your neck of the woods. do not have them put it in . do this your self. you will save big bucks. ti is not hard to do!!
Radio/CD Player


I upgraded my stereo with JVC AM/FM/Cassette. I had a local stereo shop order it, because I wanted the old knob type to fit the console face.

I've seen people put the CD changer in one of the back compartments and works nice and is hidden from view. Also many Corvette after market companies sell retro fit stereo's for our sharks, checkout the shopping center at the top of the page for some company names, and don't forget about our Sponsors.. they may be able to get one for you too ;)

I did the installation of mine, not real bad just lots of patience took the seats out and the side covers off the console.. new speakers too..

My New Sterio


I just had a new radio installed in my 86 coupe. Shopped around and finally bought a Jensen AM/FM / cassette / CD from Circuit City. They had a free installation promotion. It sounds great!
I took my 77 vette to Myer-Emco. They took out the old 8-track and replaced it with a Sony CD-player and 2 MTX speakers that fit real nice in the back. Great sound and looks good.:w
Thanks guys! I am going to try and buy a Stereo/CD that fits and put it in myself if I can probably.

hope I'm not too late

I know this was an old request for info but hopefully I can help.

I went through the same struggle and came up with the following solution that has been delightful.

Custom Audiosound makes an in-dash unit that requires no butchering up of the dash - it has two posts and an 1970s look to it, but it has 100 watt, am/fm with presets, and it controls a 6 disc changer that I installed under one of the rear hatch lids.

From the outside looking in, it looks like an old stock radio, and the CD player is hidden. But it cranks! I put two new Custom Audiosound dash speakers in, and ran wires to the rear, where I mounted up two Pioneer speakers - I have a 1978 so that was not a big problem.

Good luck - the company has ads in all of the Corvette Fever magazines and is also on the web.
Re: hope I'm not too late

Thanks 1978L48,

You are not too late! I was hoping to get some more advice, and that sounds like a good alternative too. Would you mind quoting some prices? My budget is not huge by any stretch!

more info


Glad to help. First off visit www.customautosounds.com and click on the CD Solutions link on the homepage.

They list several dash mounted units - mine is the first one, but it comes with a faceplate surround to fit Corvettes. Then at the bottom of the page is the CD changer.

I mounted mine up under the storage door for the jack. I hung it and simply lift the compartment door to get to the CD cartridge.

I think the combo of the in-dash controller (100 watts) and the changer was under $500. Sounds like a lot, but believe me, it is better than boogering up your dash with something that was not made for it, and having 6 discs is really a luxury on longer trips.

I bought mine directly from Custom AutoSound, but I think either Eckler's or Mid American Corvette catalogs has them as well.

I love the color of your 77. Nice car. Please let me know if you need anything else!

Good Luck!

Re: Oops - wrong URL!!!!!

Thanks again! Yeah I like the color too...seems a bit of an oddity..I haven't seen another out of all these vette owners yet. (I'm sure they are out there, they made over 4,000 that year.)



I just finished putting an Autosound 5 with the seperate CD changer in my 68 coupe. I ordered some Infinity front speakers (4 X 6) from Crutchfield, and some Infinity 6 X 9s for the rear from them as well.

Eclkers and a bunch of others sell an enclosure for the rear that houses the 6 X 9s. Its carpeted to match the car.

The speakers ran about $99 a pair, the Autosound 5 and CD changer was around $550 for the pair. Everything fit well and sounds great.
Hey 77Vette Do you want to sell that 8 track I need one to get Collector Plates for my car when it turns 25. After market stereo no plates.:(
Photo Size..


Tom please take a look at THIS please pay special attention to item #2.. Thanks

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