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77 Rear Window... Molding.. Please Help! Thx!


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Jun 20, 2008
1977 Vette
What's up guys??? My dad and I just purchased a 77 White Custom Build 350 386HP 422TQ

BUT it was repainted a few years ago (the same color).... And wasn't the best paint job so they ended up over spraying a little on the "gasket" for the rear window... This stuff is like nothing I've ever seen before.. It's rock solid and seems to be some type of weird epoxy.. Few people we've talked too stated this is normal and is not like the gaskets used on the t-tops, doors etc...

So anyway how can we get the paint off w/o messing up the paint??? OR how can we get the stripping out of there so we can replace it? It's not leaking so there really isn't a reason to take it out but the ove spray makes the car look cheap because it's not fully white but rather spotted in areas... Could we sand it? Get a really sharp knife and try to cut it? I would have no problem bringing it to someone who's done one before and have them replace it BUT the guys are Wayne, NJ haven't done a 77 Vette yet... All the mechanics and body shops haven't either.... Wouldn't mind paying a $100 or $200+ and having it replaced but it's not looking good.. Sorry for the rambling but I've searched and searched and it seems the only discussion are regarding the t-tops and door weather stripping and not the rear door...

Please Help????

Bry H
A Black Marks A Lot Marker would be a temporary fix.

Is the overspray on the gasket or the window trim? If it's on the gasket, be careful using any type of solvent since it might eat the rubber.

Can you contact the previous owner to determine what type of paint was used?

Rear window gasket.

The weatherstrip on the rear window is called "Butyl" tape. If the overspray bothers you that much you can remove the inside trim and the glass, remove the old tape, clean the surfaces properly and install the new black weatherstrip. It's not a hard job and you can buy the tape at any auto store. PG.

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