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'77 StingRay???



Ok, there's a '76 that I'm thinking about buying but it doesn't have the "StingRay" emblem on the side, it just has the two flags crossed in it's place. So I say to the salesman, "Where's the StingRay emblem? '76 was the last year for the 'Rays right?" He says, "Umm, I'm not sure why this one doesn't have the 'Ray emblem, but no, '77 was the last year for the StingRay." I could have SWORN that '76 was the last year for the StingRays. Was he full of it, or telling the truth?
Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
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You're correct about the emblem. The Stingray fender script made its last appearance on 1976 models. The fact that it is not present on the car could mean any number of things. I have seen the flags on the fenders of plenty of cars when "Stingray" should have been there. Maybe it was wrecked, maybe a previous owner wanted to be different, who knows.

So how was the car otherwise?


Well, the clown who owned it before must've thought the Corvette "Crossed-Flags" emblem looked better than the StingRay emblem and changed it for some reason. (in my opinion, sheer stupidity) Since it was the last year for the Rays, why take off the Ray emblem??

Otherwise, the body of the car was beautiful, except for a super small chip in the paint where someone may have dropped the T-tops when putting the right side back on. The interior was in spectacular shape, all the leather was intact and looked great, the middle console guages had been redone with a white background which looked really cool. Even the clock was still ticking. The only thing that kinda disappointed me was the fact that the salesman couldn't keep it running! He said that if I wanted to buy it, the mechanics could advance the idle or something so it would stay running. It did stay started for about 10 seconds though, and it sounded really nice. If I decide to get it, it'll be my first 'Vette, and I'm really tempted.


If you decide you want the car, you can "fix" the emblems for $23.95 each from Corvette Central, and it'll be good as new....but $48 is nothing compared to assessing the rest of the car for how good a shape it's in.... on my '75 I'm on the hook to fix a 'small' radiator leak eventually. But when I do, I'm going to have to deal with a rusted out radiator bracket, $339.99 from Eckler's, not counting having the radiator re-cored ($200-$300) or installation (which I'll probably do myself)...


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Jan 7, 2001
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Some Corvette history is helpful to ID a Stingray.
In 63, the new smaller body & chassis w/ I.R.S. was called a Sting Ray. When the body was redone in 68 at first called Sting Ray & then used Stingray emblems in 69. Emblems are for identification & some can not identify w/o the emblem. Seems some place far more importance on emblems than the factory ever did. The factory wanted to change the new car so that it could be identified as new at the time. Not an option, some are unmarked.
Chassis essentially same from 63-77, body essentially same 68-77 & interior essentially same from 68-77.
There can be no question that 68-77 are Stingrays.
Hope this helps.


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