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78 Brakes



Hello everyone,

I have a quick question...

How hard is it to change the brakes on a 78?
Is just like a "regular" car, or is there anything special on Vettes?
I would like to change the pads and calibers, the rotors should be okay.

I've changed many, but never on the corvette. Just wondering if I needed any special tools or anything...


Brakes on a Corvette are just like any other in function so you shouldn't find any surprizes. You will find that the calipers hold a LOT of fluid so you have to refill the master cylinder a often while bleeding the system. Don't forget that the rears have inner and outer bleeders. Honestly, I've forgotten if the fronts do or not.
Most people are suprised at the emerg brake. but other than that it's strait forward.

Replacing the brakes is no big deal like any other car. You may want to change your brake fluid, Iam not sure what mileage they recomend to change it. When I replaced my brakes I put the silicone fluid in it I have been very please with it , been in the car for at least four years,never a problem since I went to it.

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