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The clock on my 78 hasn't worked since I bought it, MA has clock rebuild kits, quartz or electric (pg 202). Up until 82 all clocks were electric, any pros/cons for which one to use. Quartz seems the easiest....
The Quartz movement

Will be less of a battery drain ( If you park it for along time between drives)

It's a better time piece.

But it's not "orig"

Your choice.

This seems to be one of the most commone problems with this style of car. THE CLOCK. Mine doesn't work either. :( Almost everyone in my club who owns a C3 has had clock problems. I guess GM just dropped the ball a little when it came time to manufacture that little timepiece... :(
Oh well. I guess it keeps the parts guys busy...:)
I don't know if you can really blame GM for the mechanical clock not working after all these years. The dust tends to clog up the gears pretty good. I've had a lot of old (30+) car gauges out in various brands of cars and they all fail from the same problem. Later the auto designers got smart and used quartz, and then made them a part of the radio.
Who cares what time it is!?

...you're out there driving your 'vette! :Silly
You are probably right KenSny. The age and dust could certainly stop time....;)
I think I will pull my clock out and spray it with some contact cleaner and see what happens. :)

the fact. units have a set of contact points in them that tend to pit and corrode over time, I've cleaned the points on a couple clocks incluging my own but the repair only lasted about a year,unless originality is an issue, I would go with the quartz unit :w
My clock in my 78 didn;t work either , I took for granted it was the clock , I was lucky and found one reasonable. Went to install it but found out it was the printed circuit board, after investigation I was told this was common in a 78, you may want to check the board before you buy.

How difficult is the Quartz conversion on this clock? I've seen the kits reasonably priced and was considering it, but my fat hands arent so good with small parts.

steve :w

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