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78 Turnsignal lever & Switch



Although functional, this thing is as percise as a 63 VW Beetle shifter. It's range of motion is limitless. In addition the stalk has obviously been assulted by ob jects many times it's tensile strenth.
After looking through Corvette Central I am totally confused as to what the appropriate relacement part (s) are?
Can anyone guide me through this maze?
It seems like I have to know what day my car was built and blueprints of the stalk design in order to ascertain the appropriate out of stock part.
turn signal lever

Hi Redmist,
I think I ordered mine from MidAmerica or Ecklers, I don't recall which...
Anyhow, I just looked in Ecklers' 2001 Spring/Summer, page 309, description #10 (for a 78) All you need to know is the year of your car, if it had tilt/telescope or cruise control. Which options your vette has, or does not have, will determine which lever is correct.
They offer 2 levers for a 78:
A8638 turn signal w/knob, w/tilt-tele, w/ cruise $83.99
A8647 turn signal w/knob, w/ tilt-tele, w/o cruise $13.50
Hope this helps!
BTW Eckler's 1-800-327-4868
Thanks Silver...one further clarification.
I have been told that for 78 there was an "early" and a "late" lever. The difference being a pressed on or screw in lever. Mine appears to be of the pressed on variety.
Did you also replace the switch or just the shaft? Thanks.

Have the part, but haven't installed it yet. Waiting to get moved into the house/garage to do repairs that aren't neccesary and essential to safety. Turn signal still works, cruise wires broken.

Silver aka:Heidi

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