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79 sunvisors



I just bought replacement Corvette America sunvisors for my '79. Apparently they changed the style of the sunvisor during the 1979 production year so there is a difference between early and late production '79s. I thought mine was an early '79 since I don't see any evidence of the visors being "telescoping", so I ordered the visors accordingly. However, they don't fit. Everything is fine except the size of the visor support rod is too small for the hole in the new visors. Do I have a late '79 or did I get faulty visors?

rjones ~ had the same problem when I received the passenger side sunvisor for my '80. The support rod was too narrow. :mad I did double check to see I had ordered the correct visor...and supposedly I did, but it just hung down with no tension at all. I couldn't see how to get inside the visor to try to make any adjustments without destroying it...so I bailed out and took it to the Chevy dealer just down the road from our office and they...well, whatever they did didn't scar the visor at all and now it maintains the position you put it to with no problem. :beer

Good luck !! the DoG
sunvisor droop

I believe that all the Chev. dealer. did was to squeeze the metal tab on in the inside. I had the oppisite problem I couldn't use it because it wouldn't bend down. stuck in the up position. This was on a 75. I took some WD40 and sprayed in there and workedit up and down very slowly and it freed up.
Thanks for the help. Both of you guys were quite helpful. I took a pair of Visegrips and put masking tape over the jaws so I wouldn't mar the fabric of the visor. Then I felt along the tube inside the visors and found the "tabs" which are indented places in the sides of the tubes designed to make contact with and control the amount of friction with the support rod. Then I squeezed the sides of the tube on both sides of the the tab, gradually tightening the Visegrips and squeezing until the friction was right. Bingo!! They're fixed.
visor victory !!

rjones ~ right on ! :D That'll show those visors who's the boss out there :r

Glad we were able to help out in some way.
Be seein' you around :w
Could that be a fix for saggy old visors too?
old saggy

That depnds if the tab has broken away from the cardboard.
You can tell this by:
If you try to put the visor up, but you feel the tab not moving with the visor. if it feels like the visor is one piece then yes it will work. if it feels like the tab is not moving then your visor is broken and you will need to replace it.
Silver 80, you DO know that you can edit your own posts don't you? Look to the lower right of the post. ;)


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