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80-82 G.M. wire schmatic help please


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

I did it. I obtained what appears to be all the wire pig tail ends, switchs, and what not to set up the delay wipers exactly like an 80-82. There is some discrepency as the 78-79 appear to be the same, however, there are different G.M. part numbers on some of the parts.

So, since I have a 1982 set of components, I really need to eye ball a color scanned copy of the 82 style schematics. Redmist was able to e-mail me the complete 78 which was a great help. However, there is something different between the two and I will need to see the 82 style to verify.

Can you help?
Should have it at home. I'll try to locate tonight and e-mail.
I couldn't attach file to your e-mail address. You can e-mail me and let me know the best way.
Burned off another hour or two on this part of my car project. Sure enough, there are different color wires on the 82 wiper delay than the schematic that Redmist sent on the 78.

Thanks to C4ever I have another one to look at, but not sure if that is an actual G.M. or a generic schematic.

More or less, there are 9 wires on the switch and one of those is a light and another a ground, so we are down to 7 of any concern. There are three main wires on the wiper motor, a power, high speed, and low speed, then a ground to the chassis and a washer pump ground action. Based upon my aftermarket assembly it looks like I splice in the main power wire and jumper to the pump side so the switch activates the washer pump with a ground signal.

On the delay/pulse module there are 9 wires. One is a ground, one is power in, one is power out. Basically it is an over compicated way of cutting main source power on and off at the motor so the wipers do not go all the way to park during delay mode. That much I can figure out.

According to the 78 schematic, it appears the switch still goes straight to the wiper as would a non delay. However, it jumpers over through the delay control assembly I guess to tell it the position of the switch, and also the main power source comes in from the fuse panel and to the delay module rather than the pump direct like a non delay.

So, I think I got it figured out, just now need to know how to finish up the details.

So, again, if you have an 81-82 G.M. manual I would appreciate a look see at that portion.

Another thought, you could fax those pages to me (904) 723-2577 attention Chris McDonald. However, since a fax is black and white, I also need the page that has the legend telling what color each wire is by the number description.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, I am cooking with fire now. The guys at Lloyd's Pro Body/Corvette here in Jacksonville have been awesome. They have a 1982 C/E parts car. Really is a sad story behind the demise of the car. It was in excellent shape, then was left to sit and rot in a wet area for so many years that it fell to pieces.

Okay, I was able to borrow a factory 82 book, and will make some color copies tonight.

I had several things wrong. Most of all, the wiper cover/wash pump was all wrong. I will speak to Autozone about that as it comes up as a replacment for the 80-82 Vette.

Anyway, got the right cover and it has a small delay switch built inside, got the harness, have a new control module on order ($211!) and this is ready to rock and roll.

Thanks everybody for the help. I can almost consider myself a 78-82 Wiper expert at this point. However, let's wait to see if it actually works.
Wiper Info

The "special" cover consists of a pink(?) wire on the outside that goes to a metal strap on the inside. When the wiper makes one revolution and while in Delay mode the metal contact is grounded and that signals the module behind the passenger seat to shut the power until the next cycle (when the delay time has been reached).

BTW, I've done a fair amount of repairs on GM wipers as well as my 1981 Delay Wipers. So I might be able to help with some questions.



Thanks a ton. I am right there with you buddy. I got the cover of the donor 82 this morning and found the back side connection to the pink wire rather interesting. After I looked at it for a while it finally made perfect sense.

The truth is, it is not that complicated. However, putting one together from scratch is tough when you have never done that before.

I started out with a brand new Painless 18 circuit G.M. wire harness with the late model style push in fuses and plenty of nice extras. It comes with one wire labeled 12+ Wipers. I have to build it out from there.

This is one of my last i/p area circuits before I can button up the dash.

I may be picking your brain soon!

>> I may be picking your brain soon!

Okay, but you might want to email me directly from my profile page since I'm not sure how regularly I'll be checking here.


1981 Wiper Documentation

1981 Switch Operation
903 - Green - Delay On - Grounded in all but Delay Mode
141 - Brown - Delay - Open in all but delay
904 - Wht/Blk - Delay Amount - Variable Resistor 12 Ohm to 1 Mega Ohm
8 - Grey - Power fro dash lights
92 - Purple - Park Circuit - Grounded in all but Off
91 - Gry/Blk - High Speed - Grounded in all but high
150 - Black - Ground
94 - Pink - Wash circuit - Grounded when button is pressed

Actually, there is one error in the Shop Manual. On page 8A-49, at the bottom, it shows two items inside the motor that DO NOT exist: Electronic Delay Relay and Pulse Relay.

See attached file . . .

There is much mix up around these designs.

I should have it functional by the end of this weekend.

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