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81 dash caps


Toms 81.Dads

Hi everyone,not really a new mwmber I had to switch servers and I am now with qwest instead of GTE. I was originally Ted from Mesa, Arizona. Thank You for all of your help in my previous life as Ted.:) My question is ,has anyone purchased those dash caps for $100.00 that they advertise in mid-america, ecklers and etc;? do they cover the whole dash including and up tp the windshield and are there cut outs for the radio speakers?? Thanks again...
Dash cap

Hi Tom 81,

We have a black dash cap on our 81. It covers from the windshield down to the radio, around the glove box and over the gage area. Yes, there are holes in it for the speaker covers. You will have to do some minor cuts and adjustments to get in the right location. Like with everythng else for corvettes, it is a job I am glad we won't need to do again. I am glad we got it as it sure does look better and keeps the dash from getting ruined by the sun.

81 yellow
copr / princess;)

thanks bev... tis my sons car, i bought it for his 21st bithday....just trying to spend his money wisely..it sounds like a great project for him and i to tackle and have a few beers afterwards...thanks again...:)

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