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81 Power steering probs



hi everyone,

My 81 vette has been fine so far, apart from a leak in the drivers side power steering unit. The red power steering fluid has started leaking from the unit close to the wheel, it is the block at the end of the piston with several nuts on it and the two curved pipes coming out of it...

I think this leak started a while back but I only noticed it when the fluid level got really low and the steering got very heavy. I have topped her back up with Dexron III and tried my best to tighten all the nuts, but she is still leaking.

Can anyone help? What is the most likely cause?

A leaking powersteeing system if very common among vettes. I just rebuilt my entire system over the summer. Is the leak coming from the cylinder? If the cylinder is in good shape and the chrome rod clean, you can purchase a rebuild kit consisting of new seals and o-rings for about $12.00. Thats what I did. You may also want to replace the hoses while your in there. If the leak is coming from the control valve, the other part of the powersteering system under the car, opt for a rebuilt unit as they are difficult to rebuild. I went ahead and rebuilt the pump, cylinder and purchased a rebuilt control valve and new hoses. No more leaks. I also used a little teflon tape around the hose threads for added sealing. This is an easy project with great satisfaction when your done.


Yep... Control Valve ..


Jim pretty much said it all. I opted to change both units, Control Valve and the Steering Cylinder. I ordered a "Power Steering Kit" from Vettebrakes. replaced both units and hoses.

That was 3 years ago and still no leaks. Vettebrakes provide a 5 year warranty on the units and 1 year on the hoses.. With exchance of the core, it was about $190.
Thanks guys,

Iwill give that a try, hopefully get her back on the road soon


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