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81 vette leaking fluid



hi everyone..1st my computer goes down now my sons vette. there is a clear fluid leaking from the drivers side near the left front wheel. is it possible this is brake fluid or something else i should worry about . thanks again for all of your help..


Could be Power Steering fluid... could even be some residual radiator fluid.
If it were brakes there s/b some noticeable difference in the brake pedal
pressure. Pwr Steering may not be noticeable until the level is low enough.
Check the obvious. It's usually where the problem is.

Good luck and let us know if you can narrow it down. Plenty of expertise here
in the CAC on how to fix whatever problem you have.

Regards.......... Nut


I agree with Nut. It is most likely power sreering fluid. Keep an eye on the p/s reservoir and don't let the pump run dry. Could be just a hose or might be the control valve. This is a common problem

Do check your master cylinder level and visually inspect the l/f brake caliper for signs of brake fluid running down from the caliper. It would be all over the inside of the tire too if it was leaking bad enough to puddle.

Please check this before you drive it again!

Hope it is only a p/s hose.
leaking fluid

Thanks NUT MAN AND TOM... You guys are great....Twas the power steering line...All fixed and movin on down the avenue... Thanks again...

:J Glad to hear it was an easy and the least expensive fix. Somtime things do work out, don't they?


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