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81 with rough idle


Steve Two Tone

Thanks to all for your valuable feedback. I'll do a tune-up this weekend and will definitely take a look at the EGR. This is a very informative forum! You people really know your stuff!
Welcome to the forum.
Could be timing, plug wires, idle circuit in the carb, or a vacuum leak.

Welcome to CACC. Nice choice of cars.

This is a great place to get the latest information, products, and news about Corvettes at the home page, and stop here at the forum to share ideas, post questions, and help others.

The rough idle is actually a BIG question. If you do all the regular things, plus, wires, filters, tuning, timing, cap, rotor, vacuum line check, etc, and still have the problems, look very close at the EGR valve. As it goes bad it can cause a world of headaches. Several people here have run into this problem and sometimes only after doing everything else (which most cars need all the tune up stuff anyway) found the problem.

Keep us up to date of what you have done so we can throw our .02 in on the situation.
Steve Two Tone ~ Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community ~

As 69myway stated, CACC is your one stop Corvette Center. Great community here with lots of experience and help. I also invite you to visit The L81VetteRegistry for information specific to your L81 :D

Welcome aboard enjoy the ride ;)
Hiya Steve two tone!!

Question: Manual or Automatic? 900 RPM idle is too fast regardless of the answer to this question. If it is an auto, 900 in gear or out? If you slow it down, the roughness will be worse. A good tune up is ALWAYS in order, unless you did one yourself, personally and recently.

After that . . . look for a vacuum leak . . .

Welcome to the forum.


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