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Help! 82 hot start issue - no power to starter when hot

Nov 13, 2013
Ellijay, GA
1970 Conv, 1982 Coupe, 1996 CE Coupe LT4
82 Hot start issue - been chasing this issue for a while!
Purple wire to starter has no power when starting after the car has been driven, warmed up, shut off and sits for 5-10 minutes! Usually starts if it is restarted right after shut off but no power to Purple starter wire after a few min of sitting!

Can jump the purple wire with ignition on and it starts right up!

If it sits about 30 minutes nd cools off, it starts again as if nothing is wrong!

Replaced and later Bypassed the anti theft relay, unplugged alarm system, new starter ignition switch, new starter and solinoid, new starter wiring harness, new natural safety switch and new anti theft relay! Still does it!

solenoid on top of the starter is bad easy fix diconnect the battery drop the starter solenoid is on top of starter remove and replace
Did that and starter too. Purple wire is not getting power when hot after sitting for a while. Disconnected alarm in rear behind the seats and will see if that works!

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