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need price on a brake job. neeed rotor calipers, emer brake cable. also gas gauge doesnt work, how do i fix that? and the middle part of the horn is missing, where you onk, where do i find a part for that? And the idle is wicked hig, how do i fix that??:)
Sounds to me like someone is "spoofin" us!
Aparently not.. I received a polite e-mail and hope my answer helped a bit.

Since I reside in the Great White North most of my information is not relevant to where she lives. So.... you guys need to help out here.
That Corvette isn't an 82 that's for sure. But to answer your questions in order(for an 82); calipers can be had for about $80 each, these are the stainless sleeved ones. Emergency brake cable, do you need the one that goes from the handle to under the car OR the one that goes from side to side on the spindles? Cable will probably run about $35 or so depending if you want regular or stainless steel. The middle part of the horn? The outer part you press or the little Corvette emblem that goes in the center? Fairly cheap in any Vette catalog. As for your idle problem, don't know, maybe someone with the crossfire can help. First purchase I would recommend is a shop manual, can be found on eBay cheap if you're a smart shopper, if you want a brand new one it's about $100 from Helm Inc.

Here's a link to a bunch of vendors that should help you out;

If you are even remotely skilled with a wrench it's easy to change calipers, just make sure you have a line wrench to remove/install the brake lines. Doing it yourself will save you about $50+ an hour in labor.

Here's a link to "1982 Corvette" on eBay, personally I wouldn't pay more than $25 for a shop manual so if you can't find one just keep watching, they are always there.
First of All~Welcome to The Corvette Action Center blueslady

Scott pretty much said it "All". He has done some extensive work on his 1981 and from his pictures he has posted at his website The Shark Tank

Rob has also put together bunches and bunches or information about all the generations here within the walls of The Corvette Action Center you just need to set some time aside and go exploring a bit. The Solid Axle Lounge (chat room) is useful too, and we do have fun there, BUT we also try to help each other with problems with our Corvettes ;).

Settle in, relax, take a deep breath, then JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET :J
Any questions, suggestion or comments please let us know :)

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