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'84 Ecm



I need an ECM for my '84. I don't want any enhancements or upgrades (not yet anyway), just the plain 'ol original factory ECM. Any suggestions where to get a replacement without taking a 2nd mortgage on my house to pay for it?

Thanks all,

You can get them from any of the major vette catalogs I.E "Corvette central" for under $200 exchange and I'm sure your local parts house would be them same. Note: remove your prom before you exchange it! Jim
Thanks Jim. I'll check 'em out.

Somethin I forgot to ask before, how does one determine the "A" and "B" connectors (one's black and one's white)?


You can save a bunch of money if you want a stock one by going to Autozone or Pepboys.

Good News! (I think). It looks like the problem is not in the ECM. It's one of the switches on the transmission. I think it's the 4th gear switch. There are two connectors on the tranny, one is two wires and the other is a four wire connector, but only three are used. Looking at the Chilton's schematics it looks like the four wire connector is to the 4th gear switch, which means the two wire connector is to the TCC solenoid. When the four wire connector is plugged in, there is a direct short from the "GAUGES" fuse to ground.

Does this fourth gear switch do anything other than drive the "OVERDRIVE" lamp in the indicator lamp panel? Has anyone ever replaced it?

Thanks all,


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