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84 Headlight Problems

As far as the ODO goes.

You need a 3 to 6 volt AC source min to check it a model train transformer works good for this..NOT AN HO scale.. but a big Ol lionel style. If it spins you gotta motor drive problem with the board. If it doesn't let me know.. I got a few motors.

About those H-bulbs

Found Halogen Lamps from Radio Shack...PN 272-1177...fits into the sockets...The best thing of all....they're only fifty cents more than the 194's ($1.99), although you only get one to a pack. But still much cheaper than the $13 each in Eckler's.
I have been having the worst time in the world with my driver side headlight not wanting to go up and down now since I got the car on the road.

Turns out the wire harness plug was loose, and came all the way apart yesterday.

Man, I wish all my problems were that easy to fix.
Just in case it is not a bad ground you might want to check all the wiring where the lights flip. I have a honda accord that did the same thing, turns out the headlight movement stripped all the insulation off the wires and were shorting out. I taped the bare wires and made sure the wires did not rub and that took care of the problem.
Good luck.
Headlight problems solved.

replaced the whole headlight assembly and the ground problem went away.

Great to have both working again. Now I won't feel like an idiot driving around with the headlights up all the time.


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