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85 fuel injectors



I recently found a tech note to determine if injectors are bad, and they are. Looking at three different sources I found prices from $800 to $300. Has anyone replaced fuel injectors recently? If so what brand do you use (Accel $300, Tomcat $500 and Zip $800)? BTW, the Accel are listed in Lingenfelter.
The way I determined that the injectors are bad was a condition my car had. If the car sat for a long period of time it would start right up. But if it had sat for just a few hours, it was hard to start. If you push the accelerator prier to a few hour start and no problems then you have bad injectors. What is happening is the injectors are passing pressure into the cylinders, basically flooding the car and pushing the accelerator releases some of the pressure. I also did clean all intake parts, checked all codes and sensors.
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Good info on the fuel injector symptoms. A good friend of mine replaced his worn out stock injectors with Accel's (on an '85 Vette also) and has never had a problem. I believe he ordered them from Lingenfelter too.

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