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'85 with a supercharger

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hi, Im new to this forum and am most likely about to buy a 1985 corvette. I was wondering what the performance in the quarter mile and 0-60 would be with a supercharger added, also, about what amount of horsepower would be made. thank you


Welcome to the CACC forum. Will this be your first car? Great choice, you will always remember the first car, especially if it is a Corvette.

The 1985 corvette has a computer controlled TPI fuel injected L98 engine. It would be a major project to convert to supercharger. However, there are some things you can do to this motor for increased horsepower. One easy thing would be to change the air filter to a K&N for better air breathing. Another power improvement will be to change the stock computer chip for an aftermarket prom, there are several available or you can have one custom burned for you. Finally, I would recommend a hotter ignition for improved high rpm power. Your stock L98 motor has excellent low end power but is somewhat weak at higher rpm.

The Corvette is a wondeful car. Take care of it, be careful and have fun. Don't hesitate to ask questions.
Hey Ryan, welcome to the club:) A friend of mine had an '89 with a Paxton Supercharger, bigger runners, big manifold, and I think a chip. Also, it was an automatic. He claimed he was getting high 12's out of the car on street tires. I believe with a good launch, very high 12's are possible.....

I have also seen some guys that changed the manifold to a Super Ram, which I believe Lingenfilter <spelling?> helped designed with Accel, and there is another manifold called the mini ram or something like that that I have seen other ppl with a TPI convert too. Not to sure about how much of a hp increase, but I guess it should be pretty good with heads, and a larger manifold. Hope this helps... take care


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