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85 Z51 pusher fan, when does it come on?



Hey guys, i dont ever remember when my pusher fan has ever come on? does it come on at a certain temp,or is it supposed to come on when ac is on..My temp gauge has read 215 before but no pusher fan... I live in vegas so im a little worried with summer approaching, after all it gets hot enough here to cook an egg on the sidewalk! By the way my regular puller fan works fine....
The pusher fans come on at something in the 225&#176 range, with the main fan coming into play at around 235&#176. I hope this helps you.

_ken :w
My puller fan comes on at 228 when computer controlled. I don't have a pusher. As I live here in Vegas too I knew I would be in trouble come July/August. I installed a manual fan switch. I turn it on after the stat opens at 180. On Tuesday here in stop and go on Rancho, at 3 o'clock and 95 degrees, with the top up and AC on I hit 218. Normal with top down and no AC which is 99% of the time I hit 201. I guess the real test would be the strip at 3 in July or August but I have no plans to drive there then. :beer
Kinda sounds like these things have a mind of there own. my puller fan comes on at 200. Does the two fans work off the same relay, and fuse? I think i will run a hot lead to the fan and see if i cant get it to push some air, then i will know if my fan is bad....
85 Z51 Pusher fan, when does it come on?

Ken is about right, depending on individual dash gauges. I think that is why it is hard to tell who's doing what to whom. :)
In the space of 10 degrees it is sometimes difficult to tell which fan is being turned on by what.
Since I installed the 200 degree fan switch and wired both of my fans to it I don't have that trouble. They BOTH come on at 207 degrees (there goes that dash gauge again) and go off at 187 degrees.
A manual switch would be a cheaper answer. Just wire both of the fan relays to come on together. Unfortunately you would then have to shut them off in a couple of minutes unless you want to run them continually. I have heard of guys who did that but those fans suck up a lot of current, don't know if I would want to run them continually. Mine only stay on for a few minutes at a time. I guess when it gets really hot they will stay on quite a bit longer. But they cool that engine down very quickly.

Good luck with it...............

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