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'87 Antenna problem/question



I have a '87 coupe with 25,000 miles on it, it was my Dad's until he passed away, and he had not had it running for a while. I recentely instsalled a new battery. never new that could be so difficult. My problem now is that the motor for the antenna will not stop running, nor will it lower the antenna. Anyone have any quick fix ideas, I cant find the owners manual and just ordered a new one. The car needs to be serviced, but I want to try and solve this problem in the meantime. Im new to this, so any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
Disconnecting the antenna

Hi there,
If you want to disconnect the power, so it does not run the battery down, do the following.
First, remove the drivers rear plastic bezel, and the large plastic section, which are both in the rear hatch area, as you open the glass. Then, look inbetween the carpet, and the rear body, and you will find a couple of wiring harnesses.
Now, you will see the antenna cable, and the power harness to the antenna motor. The antenna cable is black, and the harness will have a white, dark green and a grey wire, which will go through a grommet behind the drivers outer turn signal lens to the antenna.
Now, you have 2 choices, you can either remove the relay which is located in that area, or you can unplug the 3 wire connector to the antenna.
Best to you, c4c5

Thanks, I dont think I would have found the relay on my own.

Come back here and you will find the fountian of vette knowledge, All the people here are very concerned & responsive to help others.

Good luck


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