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87 sport seats



Thanks for the tranny info ghost. I have another question now, though not serious. My 87 vette has the sport seats, but i'm not sure if all is well. On each seat, there exists control panels to the left and right. On the left side, there are the controls for the lumbar and degree of recline. However, on both seats, the controls on the right are absolutely dead, as far as I can tell. the controls on the right panels have have 3 round buttons and a switch. When i push these, the seat motor doesn't even spin. if anyone's got any info on what these buttons are suppose to do, or how to fix them, i'd greatly appreciate it. thanx,

The buttons on the right side of the seats are for the inflatable lumbar support. Sounds like yours is dead. :(
bummer. . . Is it something I can fix myself? Where and what do I need to buy?
The aftermarket suppliers (Corvette Central, Mid America, Eckler's, etc.) supply the rebuild kits. You could also rebuild them yourself; the part that wear out usually is the flapper valve. It is similar to what is used for aquarium pumps. I've seen all kinds of fixes in various Corvette magazines and forums.

I don't have any pictures or diagrams handy, and I'm more concerned with my trip to Bowling Green to tell you the truth. I just can't seem to concentrate for long on anything else right now. :L

Good Luck, Ken
Here's a link from the ZR1Net Web Site on the lumbar pump repairs.

I had one of mine fail 4 or 5 years ago, and I used the latex dishwashing glove "trick". It's still working! :D

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