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89-91 A/C-idler bracket anybody?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
The a/c-idler bracket snapped on the 90 over the last couple of days. I will check with the dealer on Monday and of course the vendors here at CACC.

I have seen the alternator brackets aluminum welded on the 85-87 models before. Any thoughts on getting this bracket welded? I believe there is much more stress on this bracket than the alternator on the earlier models.

It is the main one on the passenger side of th engine that comes off the water pump and front of the head that supports the a/c and idler.


Hey Chris, I've heard of several stories regarding the brackets on the early C4s (L98). A fellow club member kept throwing belts and discovered that one of the brackets was causing it, I remember reading something in one of the bulletins from the NHTSA or somebody, and I myself am experiencing a vibration that I've pinpointed to that area of the engine. I already know that I have at least one stripped bolt hole in the aluminum bracket for the a/c.

Hopefully, if the money gods smile down on me, I'll be tearing into the engine compartment (and engine) soon. ;)

Price seemed awful cheap, but the local chevy dealer (we did this over the phone, so I won't know if it is right until I see it) could get the entire bracket for around $50. Not worth chasing down a used one that may break soon for that price.

So, add this to the growing list.
Got the bracket yesterday. It looks great, and will solve the problem.

Nikki is out of town for the weekend, so it may be a good time to slip it on.
Well, got it changed. Turns out the old one was broken in two spots. Here is a before and after.


Went ahead and put a new belt on as well because the old one was starting to come apart. Seems to me that the movement in the a/c and idler pulley contributed to the early demise of the belt.
Geez, I better check mine.


Hey Chris, can you tell me approximetly where you found the cracks?

Barbie said:
Hey Chris, can you tell me approximetly where you found the cracks?

Barbie, you beat me to it -- I want to know the same thing. ;)

Chris, that appears to be the same bracket my friend in Southwest Corvettes had a problem with, so yes, I too would like to know where the cracks can be found; that just may be the cause of the vibration on my engine.

Three cracks!!!

Wow, I started taking a closer look so I could post another pic for you and describe the cracks when I realized there were three. Good thing we did not drive this car to Kissimmee last weekend for Octobervette. I think we would have been walking.

I stuck screwdriver tips into the cracks to illustrate where they are. Looks as if the idler portion was all but ready to snap off. The crack to the left is the hardest one to see. It is the only one that is not all the way through. I gurantee it would have been soon.


I'll be sure to be checking mine soon Chris! ;)


BTW, did you get it for the $50 you originally quoted?
It was $51.78 out the door.

BTW, I think the car is peppier, it is possible that the metal to metal knocking on the bracket was tripping the knock sensor.

It seems to have more zoomzoom--more is always better.

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