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91 Shiney Chrome Rims? Chrome Dipped?


Sal Collaziano

Hey. I'm wondering. How come I see some 91 Vette rims very shiney? Are they dipped in chrome afterwards? How much does it cost to do this? Or, do they come that way on some models? I really want that look...
The aftermarket vendors ,Mid America Design, etc. all offer chromed wheels for around $700 plus your old wheels in exchange.

Other options, but with a lower shine, are to have the clear coat striped and the wheels polished. Check with any local speed shop or in the yellow pages under wheels or tires.

A third options is to do it your self. The clear coat will come off with thinner and 0000 steel wool and elbow grease. Paint stripper will work but it is best if you remove the tires. Then the wheels can be buffed to a shine. You can get wheel polish and wax for wheels at auto supply stores.
Check these out!

Hey Sal... click on my link at the bottom.

The first picture is one with the STOCK Wheels which came with the '91..

The second picture is with recently acquired wheels and tires I purchased for a song on e-Bay.. They are aftermarket ZR1 style lookalikes made by AFS in California. Brand new with the Kumho stickies mounted and balanced! Very nice!

I really like the additional pizzaz they give to the car.. Is this what you were looking for?
Yup, that looks like them. I want 'em shiney like mirrors. :) It looks like Mid America Design wants about 1300.00 for 'em - but that take less with a trade for original rims?
Total including tires?

If so go for it! However, I doubt it!

Otherwise search on E-bay for AFS and you'll find they have them frequently .. wheels, tires, balanced and all! They shipped to Ogdensburg from California so I didn't have to drive too far to get them.

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