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92 Coupe LT1 a couple of questions?


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Feb 7, 2003
Sylvester, Georgia
1992 white Coupe
Car is 1992 Corvette Coupe, LT1 automatic. I have had a couple of other C4 Corvettes but they were L98, I am new to the LT1. Car has 54,000 miles and I have owned it for 6 months.
1. Coolant temperature is 198 to 201 normal driving and 203 to 206 in slow moving traffic with outside temperature at 92 degrees. Is this normal operating temperatures or do I need to do something to the cooling system? Temperature is from the digital gauge as my Coolant and oil temperature analog gauges do not work. I have replaced sending units for both still no analog temperature gauges working.

2. What is the best source to get the instrument cluster repaired with LCD re-placed and all gauges repaired as necessary and tested for correct functioning? As usual I want a quick turn around time and cheapest price.

3. This is for the electrical genius. I installed a rear spoiler with a third brake light in it (LED). I discovered that the third brake light on my car does not work. Car has third brake slight in the rear above the tag and not the high one. Put a new bulb in, still no light. Replaced the socket and still no third brake light. I tested at the socket with meter and have battery voltage when brakes are applied, still no light. Went ahead and installed the spoiler and wired the LED third brake light in it to the wires going to the stock third brake light, LED light in spoiler works good, wired the stock third brake light with it and neither one worked, removed the bulb from the stock one and the LED one works. Attached new socket and bulb directly to the battery and it works. Can someone explain this to me in plain English?

Thanks for any and all replies.

Lotsa threads discuss running temperatures. Those sound on the low side but I see not need for change.

Two sides of any E-circuit: power and ground. You have power, thru the normal wire, to the stock HCMBL but did you check for ground? Perhaps connecting both the same causes the LED light a loss of ground, hence no complete CIRCUIT.

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