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92 LT1 wheels



Hi All, I'm trying to locate "like new" directional wheels for my ride.The wheels that are presently on my vette are pretty beat up.The previous owner obviously had know idea that curbs exist.If anyone out there can help me, e-mail me @ JTWIG@LOCALNET.COM or alert me through the forum. Thank You
92LT1 Wheels

Hi Nyernga, My wheels have curb rash:( otherwise I would have tried re-clearing them. Hopefully someone in the forum can help me. :) __ John
Hi Stommer,
Depending on how bad a rash your wheels have...
Mine got a little curbside abuse and I used the info from the Care and Detailing part of the forum. You can lightly sand down the lip of the rim and use some model paint that blends really nice. I've done it. You have to get close to the wheels to tell.
Also when I went to the Firehawk SZ50 tires they have a rim gaurd lip on them for people like me :eyerole
So before you going shelling out your money try that. It isn't hard or expensive.

Graham, Thanks for the info. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to my vette so I'm going to hold out in hope of finding some "like new" wheels. :crazy Firehawk Tires, I'LL have to check them out. Thanks __ John :w
AFS Wheel makes a nice set of reproduction rims for a fraction of the cost of OEM. Maybe worth a shot


JT ZR-WON,can you get me an address for AFS??? Thanks __John :w
John..yours can be restored to "as new", I've had a couple sets done and they look like new. You don't mention where your located but they have facilities in a few major metro areas. http://www.transwheel.com First class people they can make you happy. If you happen to be in the Washington DC metro area get back to me. They pick up in the area and I see them a couple times a week. There are others that offer the same services but I've only ever used these folks!

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