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92 stalled on me then started after 20 minutes


Active member
Sep 5, 2020
Beaverton Oregon
92 base corvette
Was driving down the road when my 921 just quit on me. I smelt a little fuel . After about 20 minutes it started back up, I drove for about 3 minutes then stalled again. After 20 minutes it started again, but was almost home. I got a block away from home and it started to bog down again so I just jump on the gas and kinda just bogs a couple extra feet I needed to set to in front of my house. But this time it started right back up and got in into drive way, Did fuel pressure test and went to 40# and with key still on dropped to 20#. Got a new fuel pump and FR and still goes to 40# then back to 20# immediately but now when I start it and give it gas and I get backfire out of intake. I pulled the rail to see if injectors where leaking but noticed none, I just got this thing running after problems installing opti-sparlk, could it be that going bad again? if fuel drop is not the fuel pump , FR, or leaking injector, where is it going??. Now don't know if this is related but i was having problem with my coolant going to the reservoir when hot but wouldn't suck it back in, Did compression test and #4 cylinder was 20# lower than the rest. Put a little oil in cylinder but still the same pressure
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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