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'92+ Wheels on '84+ Vette



Hey guys, quick question. I've got a guy who wants to buy my stock wheels for his '84 crossfire Vette. I'm almost positive, but I want to make sure, they will bolt directly up, right???:confused
You'll probably need spacers; the off-set will most likely be different. :(

_ken :w
The '84 'Vette's tires where 16x8.5 in the front and 16x9.5 in the rear.

The wheels on a '92 where 17x9.5 all the way around.

Your friend would have to change the offset and buy new tires.

Really? I could have swore that my boss sold a set off of his '94 to a guy with an older vette. I see him driving with them all the time. I just guessed that they bolted up
Ken said:


:hb Not too sure what happend there. I'm still getting used to Netscape and I must have hit a button I shouldnt have. If youll look above, youll notice it's been fixed:D

I swapped the 16's on my '85 to 17 X 9.5's but needed spacers from Mid-America or Ecklers to do it......


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