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93-96 differences


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed

I'm going to buy my first Vette in the next couple of months. I'm looking at '93-'96 6 speed coupes. Is there any major upgrades between these years that should steer me more towards one year - or away from any particular year ? I have 4 f-body cars and know from them that the '93 trans-ams had multiport fuel injection - '94 up had sequential injection. Is this the same with the Corvettes ? Maybe I should consider pre '93 as well ? When did traction control become standard ? Any comments would be appreciated.

A start...

The traction system was standard on 92 and up. The biggest difference for the 6spd is that in 96 is was powered by the LT4 (30 more hp). Also, special editions were available that year, the Grand Sport, and the Collector's Edition.

There are other differences as well.

In 95, all vettes were given the ZR1's breaks. Also, the gills (front side behind the wheels) were slightly modified.
In 94 (if memory serves) the interior was redesigned slightly. White instead of orange on the guages and buttons. Seats were changed slightly and a second airbag was installed. This removed the dash glove box, so they added little boxes in the door arm rests.
93 saw in the introduction of narrower front wheels and tires (except for HD suspension). Fronts now 8.5" instead of 9.5 all the way around. Nice except if you want to rotate your tires. Also, the keyless entry system was added.

Check the ZF transmission thread. There was a minor change in the 6spd's used as well.

At one in the morning, thats all I can come up with.
Hi Rob and welcome to the CAC! I'm sure once the holiday is over and people awaken from their turkey coma you will get lots of opinions on your question. Here's a quote from a response I got to a similar question as I, too, am looking for a c4, specifically a 95. I had asked about 95s and what were the better points and how to upgrade.

C5Phil said:
...You may already know that 95 was the peak of the LT1 engine refinements. Late in 94, the connecting rods were changed to powered metal design, for both strength and equal weight. In addition, the fuel injector design was improved to reduce leakage and better performance with hybrid fuels. The automatic had a lighter and stronger torque converter and improved shifting algorithms. The body got quite a few mods to reduce water leakage, noise, CD skip etc. Springs, windshield wipers, radiator fan, ASR/ABS also were upgraded. So you will be starting with the "cream of the crop" LT1 variants...

Click here to see the entire thread and see what others had to say. I would also highly recommend purchasing a Black Book via this link, it's only $11.96 and well worth it. Check out the Corvette Portal for links to everything Corvette related under the sun. Most importantly, educate yourself about the vette you want. Best of luck and happy hunting. Of course, when you get it, we will expect full details and pictures.
Great info guys, keep it comming - I'm eating this knowledge up !

I'm getting the feeling I should really lean towards the newest ('96) that I can get. I have an appointment with a private party to look at their '93 tomorrow - but I'm thinking I may want to hold out for a '95 or '96. I suppose if the I can swing a good price I would take the '93.

Thanks for the responses so far - This looks like a great chat room.

Looking forward to more opinions....

Practically speaking the major differences between a 93 and a 96 are:

1) OBD2 engine controls diagnostics. If modifying the car's engine to a great degree is your plan, don't buy a 96. The OBD disgnostics make it much more difficult to do engine mods.

2) brakes. If the 93 is a base car, it will have the smaller front brakes. In 96, all cars had the larger ft. brakes that, previous to 95 were optional.

3) suspension. 96s are very soft. If you plan to road race or autocross a base car, even at the entry level, you'll need to make changes. The 96 Z51s are a better choice and are ok for entry level competitors. A 93 base car, on the other hand, is ok for entry level competition and a 93 Z07 is great for competition as is.
For Competition??

This is the main question..... what do you wish to use the Vette for? City / Highway cruising or Autocrossing / Racing??

I think the 91 Z07 is the toughest ride ever put standard into any Vette by GM. But here, you have the L98 engine. Very respectable but not the same as the Lt4 in the 96's.
To give further definition, I'm looking for a driver for the most part. I won't drive it in bad weather - but basically I want it for a driver. It will make a few trips to the drag strip - but I have a couple of '68 f-body's that get the all out performance treatments, so I will leave the corvette fairly stock to retain drivability. I could forsee doing some exahust mods very easily, air intake mods and maybe - but not real likely a chip upgrade. My '68's do the job of going fast in a straight line real good. The corvette is attractive for its handeling and comfort. A high 13 second car is fast enough for a daily driver (for me). Since my '94 trans am does 13.99 I'm sure a corvette of the same vintage should be about the same. By the way - the wife has laid claim to the trans-am, so I'm forced to look for a corvette...bummer :)

Keith .. I didn't see your question till just now!
Someone has to rattle my cage every now and then!! lol

Check out this link http://www.zr1.net/ZR1_suspension.html .. hope it still works..

Thanks to our illustrious member Hib Halverson all this was put together.

As you'll see from the charts, the '88 to '91 had the most autocrossiest and raciest (just made them up!! LOL)!
Racer78 said:

How is your C4 search going? ...Keith

Keith, I just noticed this. The search is kinda stalled at the moment due to bigger concerns but I'll keep you posted as it progresses. The good thing is that the longer I wait, the cheaper it gets.

- Eric

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