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93 paint codes



Just got my first vette last month, had a turbo Supra for about 5 years but longed for that V-8 power. Have had a 66 GTO conv. for about 19 years ( 421- 4 spd ) which goes real fast until you reach the corners or want to stop ( no front disc conversion yet ) anyway I have always admired the Corvette and finally got some extra $$$ to get one. After about 4 months of research and looking I got a 93 6sdp coupe ,now the question I have is this, the car is original paint and when I first saw it I thought it was Ruby Red, but it is not RPO Z25, and it has black interior, and the paint code under the console lid is 9239 for both U and L. What is this code? I have gotten a ton of great info reading this forum and I know you people out there can help me out. thank you!
U and L are the letter designations for "upper" and "lower" Ed. If you had a two-tone paint job, the codes for each would be different. ;)

Sorry, but I can't help you with "9239". :eek:

_ken :w
Hmm? I am having the same problem trying to figure out why Chevy made mine? Code 9885, Midnight Rose. hmm?Was it for some special reason? I would like to know, if anybody knows?
I'm not sure what you are asking. Why did Chevy make yours? The paint code for black rose metallic is 73. In '92 there were 1886 cars. In'93, 935, and in '94 there were 1267. There could be two reasons, 1. somebody ordered it
2. the dealer liked it and thought he could sell it
It's a beautifull color and we don't see too many of them around here. The best investment you can make is a GM Service manual, owners manual, And a Corvette Black Book. The Black Book is a regular encyclopedia of Corvette specs and production numbers.:w
Own a body shop. The U & L are upper and lower colors as stated. but its usually a 2 digit number. On the bottom of your RPO tag should have on the bottom (last line) the 4 digit number begining with WA_____ that is your color.

chked it out for you. what you have is WA9239 or U & L #75. Its listed in paint book as "Brilliant Red Metallic"
the 75 paint code is Dark Red Metalic
the 73 paint code is Black Rose Metalic
Thankyou for finding that code for me,if it wasn,t Ruby Red I thought it must be Dark Red Metallic. Being so new to Vettes I havn,t learned colors yet, right now I am studying up on the mechanics and figureing where to get my hands dirty next!

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